About Me


I am a management consultant and the CEO of Cove Hill Consulting (covehill.com).  I have also worked in several industries: consulting, finance, technology, and health care and have been in sales, technology, operations, plus some other things along the way.  I have managed as many as 1100 people on five continents and as few as just me.


I am a serious amateur photographer. You can see some of my work at nedschoenfeld.smugmug.com.  I also love technology and get into it pretty deeply.  I can code in several languages and have managed developers on many different platforms, too. My equivalent of doing a crossword puzzle is to sit at home and use object reflection to build a code-less data entry page that connects to a cloud database where the pages reconfigure themselves based on user context.

I also like reading Aramaic texts and understanding the author’s context and point of view.

Finally, I have a pretty awesome family that I am very proud of.